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Property Services from Matt Riley Studio


What We Do For Your Real Estate


Our cameras are all 4k resolution.

We normally take three shots per photo with three different exposure levels.

We combine these images in post production to give that professional look.

We provide a minimum of 20 images for you.


Our Drone will always fly safely and within the laws of Casa.

It takes 4k Quality video footage and still images.

In post production we can make the items that sell the property stand out.

An invaluable tool in today's Real Estate marketing.

We have a government license to take drone footage for commercial use

360 tour

Using the insta 360 camera we produce quality 360 degree images and video.

We are able to produce 360 virtual tours for head sets.

We will produce 360 guided tours by pointing at directions to different rooms which are intuitive and easy to use

Cinematic Video

With video sliders,

wide angle lenses without distortion,

wonderful post production software and

royalty free music from Artlist

We enjoy putting these videos together

Only the property features that sell the property are filmed.

family kitchen2.jpg

sharp Interiors

Cinematic Video

These are examples only, and indeed, some are not produced with our new 4k cameras.

Enjoy these examples.

They have probably sold years ago

360 virtual tours

Again these are examples only,

Enjoy these examples.

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